The Right to Write! Do You Know Your 7 Rights?

Let me familiarize you with your seven “rights.”

1) You have the right to use creativity while writing.

2) You have the right to exercise your imagination while writing.

3) You have the right to utilize a dictionary and/or a thesaurus whenever you write.

4) You have the right to research on a topic to learn more about it before, after, and during your writing.

5) You have the right to delete whatever you write, if you don’t like what you’ve written.

6) You have the right to ask questions of others about writing, and to learn from their experiences.

7) You have the right to take the writing advice of others or not; whatever you prefer.

Feel free to add to these rights.

computer and pen


To Write, or Not to Write

Have you ever been in a place of limbo, caught between indecision whether to write or not to write?  It’s a “vanilla” world where your thought processes want to be creative, but nothing comes to the forefront of your mind.  No characters are chosen.  No plots are hatched.  No beginning, middle, nor an ending is forming.  Nothing tempts your imagination nor engages your creativity to write.  Well, welcome to the world of: TIME TO ACCESS MY CREATIVITY.   Motivate yourself. Go for a walk in your neighborhood, on the beach, on a university campus.  Get inside your car and drive, or take a bus ride and look at the world around you.  What’s going on behind the doors of that strange-looking house on the corner?  What’s happening inside that busy building with people going in-and-out?  What is being said between that angry-looking couple seated on a park bench? Use your imagination and engage it.  Perhaps you should listen to some music and allow your thoughts to drift to the land of creativity.  Plunge deep into the well of your creativity and pour out your interests; pull on the string of your experiences and unravel your past.  Search out your talents and blow off the dust and cobwebs, and then put them to good use.  Go for it!  Start your first sentence in the first paragraph.  And if the sentence changes over time, no big deal. Changes are akin to the writing process.  Get started! 🙂